Glow paint and glowrocks that glow in the dark. Glow pigment, stair nose edging and glow in the dark tape. Aluminium safety signs include exit signs, fire extinguisher and fire hose reel.

New York City has legislated that all safety signs must be seen in darkness from a minimum of 50 feet?
GLOWROCKS very popular
Our most popular recent seller and we have substantially reduced prices for orders of large quantities. Glow colours are aqua, skyblue and green with clear day colour.

  • Sorry we have no tiles left in stock.
    AU$ 10.00 EA
  • AQUA glow tiles are creamy green tinge colour during the day and glow AQUA when it is dark. Reverse side has slight corrugations to allow for plastering. This tile is 4 times larger than4inch square t...
    AU$ 17.00 EA
  • We have some tiles with one corner broken. Ideal for mosiac use or can be cut to provide neat corner. The easiest way to order is to select the size tile you want e.g.4inch and place an order with a n...
    AU$ 8.00 EA
  • We ONLY have only 2 slightly damaged tiles with parts of a corner missing and these are ideal for mosaics. Price of these 2 are $7. Perfect tiles are $7 and freight is $18 for any orders up to 20 til...
    AU$ 7.00

Customer note: We do not charge GSTand this is confirmed at checkout. Customers outside Australia pay same price as customers inside Australia.       

Wholesale rates: Commercial and Wholesale enquiries are welcome.

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