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Glow safety signage, GLOW rocks, anti-slip glow stair nosing/treads (3 day colours: black, yellow or grey), glow light switch covers, combined reflective&glow tape, pvc glow tape, glow dog collars, glow pigments, Glow paint, glow markers and domes, reflective domes with numbers and many more. See Wand page for Fidgets and other fun things. BLUE OR GREEN Glow toilet seats with anti-bacterial feature and lifetime guarantee. Glow paint clear day and aqua or green glow. White screen printing ink glows aqua. Glow Rocks for fish tanks. Glow tiles (ideal for mosiacs).Youtube video about our products plus history of GITD-SEE

A great film by David Attenborough on Life That Glows to see how many creatures make their own blue & green luminous life.  

The amount of light absorbed as energy, depends on the exposed mass of the active particles. The glow charge is effective when exposed to light and this increases activity to become more efficient. In sunlight glow products are fully charged quickly but artificial light takes longer. Allow your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the darkness.  

Huge range in our online store! We supply fall protection products especially for the elderly and can also manufacture GITD products. See all glow products in store here




Blue Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats super strong light weight. Made from powerful long lasting anti-microbial polymer which creates ultra fresh, high level of protection against bacteria and micro-organisms. ONLY 2 left of our stronger glow GREEN seat so to clear at $68 each including postage. Each seat including packaging weighs almost 2kg. HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT SO WE OFFER LIFETIME GUARANTEE

High quality strong thick plastic means strong glow and long lasting seat. Fits all standard Australian bowls with stainless steel screw attachment 

The effect of glow in the dark products could best be described as similar to moonlight.  The light emission will continue for many hours at a decreasing rate until all excitement activity has been released. The light emission because of the short wave length is very effective in smoky environments.



GLOWSTONES AND GLOWROCKS Glow colours: yellow/green, skyblue and aqua

Want to add some light into your property? We have fine GLOWSTONES (sorry only aqua left in stock, 2mm to 6mm in diameter) and larger GLOWROCKS (6mm to 20mm in diameter). Easy to add to new concrete. Other uses including adding ito resins to make shapes that will glow for  many many years. Picture on left shows green and skyblue GLOWROCKS glowing.




Exit signs (2 sizes) with arrows left, right, up  or down, fire hose reel signs. Oil rig glow signs.
We can make your GITD signs. We will quote using our new stronger glow pigment on aluminium, rigid PVC or self adhesive vinyl. signs. 

Glow products will immediately be recharged with exposure to light and go through the process again and again for many years.


GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT from $99 for 1 litre

We have a natural day colour that glows GREEN and another BLUE at night. We also have YELLOW day glow and yellow night glow. Picture shows blue day glow paint and gives you an idea of the glow as picture taken in shadow area. Orders for quantities, 1, 4 or 10 litres 

 We have AQUA, SKY BLUE & YELLOW/GREEN plus Purple in a range of micron sizes (slightly bigger size of 40microns produces best glow). Minimum 1kg order.  All our pigments can be added to resin, paint, cement, concrete, plastic, dying or making any shape using chemical additives. Email us your requirements and we will match the best pigment.  

GLOW SCREEN PRINTING: Add pigment to most transparent flexographic or screen printing inks. Screen size 36to64 suits pigment sizes of 20&40 microns. Larger pigment size has slightly better glow. 

Reflective and Glow Domes: 
New glow path-finders, slight dome shaped 120mm wide with built in 35mm anchor. Ideal way to highlight paths $5 each. Bright yellow non glow ones for $4.70 each. 78mm wide domes flat underneath.
Glow domes with adhesive backing.                                                                
90mm reflective domes with a large number or letter on each dome and reflect light at night.  

  • Reflective domes (90mm wide) with either numbers (0 to 9) or letters (A to Z) are available ex warehouse. Please contact us if you want to buy large quantities as we are currently offering special prices for sales of existing reflective domes. Suitable for street curbs, car park or home or business street numbers. The number or letter reflects when light is shined on the dome and can be easily seen day or night because of the large size.
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Like our innovative Glow in the Dark products? Why not visit our SANDLOK™ beach umbrella website. High quality and maximum uv protection. New home builders who require the latest uPVC flashings, silltrays and concrete crack inducers should visit Low cost and keeps moisture at bay by directing it outside your home or commercial building.


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