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Glow paint and glowrocks that glow in the dark. Glow pigment, stair nose edging and glow in the dark tape. Aluminium safety signs include exit signs, fire extinguisher and fire hose reel.

New York City has legislated that all safety signs must be seen in darkness from a minimum of 50 feet?
GLOWROCKS very popular
Our most popular recent seller and we have substantially reduced prices for orders of large quantities. Glow colours are aqua, skyblue and green with clear day colour.

  • Domes
    We have a range of reflective domes (90mm wide) to highlight your home or business address, Can be easily seen at night when say car lights shined on them. Numbers 0 to 9 plus letters A & B. Limited n
  • Glow In The Dark Exit Signs & Other Signs
    Exit signs with word EXIT and a running man or words FINAL EXIT or running man with arrow left or right, fire extinguisher & hose reel signs. NEW signs Life jacket, Assembly station, Life Raft, Suit &
  • Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder
    Fine powder has day & night colour Pigment size varies and choice between having smooth finish/rough finish and strong glow/weaker glow. Normally larger the size and everything else equal the stronge
  • Glow rope. Min order for all 5m
    Strong high quality rope that glows green at night.Ideal for boats,camping, fishing, divers. Price shows per metre price climbers plus industrial & transport users. 3 THICKNESSES AVAILABLE
  • Glow Stone & Rocks: Australian made, high glow quality & Long Lasting
    Green/yellow, aqua and skyblue glow rocks. Pigment is spread evenly thru so if you can sand tops down. Made from hard resin. Also see our large GREEN GLOW fish bowl STONES. The glowrocks are ideal t
  • GLOWSTONES AND GLOWROCKS & glow dog collars
    We can supply 2 sizes of GLOW made from a hard polyester resin so they will last for many many years. The pigment is evenly spread thr the stone and so if required you can sand the tops and still see
  • Glow Tape, Glow Stair Nosing & Extrusions
    Glowtape or 50mm wide in one metre blister packs. ALMOST SOLD OUT Bull nosing for stairs, black or yellow day colour(1.2m&3m lengths) and 25mm/ 90mm glow ribbon in 10m-30m rolls and plenty more
  • We are very happy to recommend a new business backed by senior experienced guys to help get your business up and running. Do you need to source anything from Asia? They have a office in Vietnam. Ple
  • All products listed include air freight to New Zealand. We want to encourage Kiwi buyers with the strong $nz that you can buy from us at very good delivered prices. Products include following stair no
  • Plastic Mouldings
    Green or blue glow light switch covers singly, lots of 4 ,packs of 12 (classic) & 24 (slim fit).Keytags and our new improved thicker, much stronger BLUE GLOW toilet seat.
  • Post & rail markers
    Retro-reflective markers. SORRY ONLY I PAIR LEFT $25 for the pair
  • Sometimes we want to get rid of stock that we only have a limited amount left. No guarantees we have stock listed but we will do our best to supply what you request.
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    discontinued line
  • Wands
    Glow wands each. Bend and glows for 4 hours

Customer note: We do not charge GSTand this is confirmed at checkout. Customers outside Australia pay same price as customers inside Australia.       

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