Glow paint and glowrocks that glow in the dark. Glow pigment, stair nose edging and glow in the dark tape. Aluminium safety signs include exit signs, fire extinguisher and fire hose reel.

New York City has legislated that all safety signs must be seen in darkness from a minimum of 50 feet?
GLOWROCKS very popular
Our most popular recent seller and we have substantially reduced prices for orders of large quantities. Glow colours are aqua, skyblue and green with clear day colour.

  • AQUA Glowrocks 6mm-20mm 1kg
    Aqua glow colour is a strong blue but not as bright as skyblue blue. Ideal size to add onto concrete
    AU$ 120.00
  • GLOWSTONES GREEN Glow 2mm-6mm 500grams
    Looking for finer GLOW ROCKS, then buy our fine glowstone for bigger quantity at lower price per kg. ONLY FEW KGS LEFT.
    Also some stock of skyblue and aqua blue.
    AU$ 70.00
  • Fine Glowstones 2mm -6mm 1 kg
    Please specify the glow colour you want when ordering. i.e. Skyblue, Aqua blue or Yellow/green.
    These finer glowstones are also ideal to add to concrete.
    For 1kg you will get over 5000 stones.
    AU$ 120.00
  • SKYBLUE Glowrocks 6-20mm 1 kg bag
    Bright blue small stones in various shapes and sizes between 6mm and 20mm in diameter. Can be added on top of concrete and into resin. c
    AU$ 120.00
  • SKYBLUE Glowrocks 6mm-20mm 3kg including freight cost
    Do you want to order a bit more. This order includes freight and please click on freight pick up to ensure no extra freight is paid.
    AU$ 290.00
  • GLOWSTONES 6mm-20mm 5kg Aus. freight included
    Please advise which glow colour you require. i.e. Skyblue, Aqua blue or Yellow/green. Picture highlights impact of how lot of skyblue glowrocks looks in driveway. Day colour of skyblue and green is w...
    AU$ 430.00
  • Glow dog collars small & xsmall
    Green glow colours sizes small (13-16 inches or 33-40.6cm) and X-small (11-14 inches or 27.9cm-35.6cm).
    Made from high quality woven textile material with plastic joiners.
    Special price of $19 each ...
    AU$ 19.00
  • Green glow dog collars small & xsmall sizes
    Do you want to se your dog in the dark? We have stock of white textured strong material with a plastic click in connector plus a length adjuster that will glow in the dark. The small size is 13 inch...
    AU$ 19.00
  • We have some old drums of glowstones made years ago which don't glow as strongly as our normal glowstones. Price is for a 120kg drum.
    Freight cost will depend on the cheapest we can find or you can ...
    AU$ 1,600.00
  • Any glow colour 10kg bag
    Please advise which glow colour you require when ordering. Price includes freight all over Australia
    AU$ 730.00
  • AQUA blue glow rocks 6mm to 12mm 3kg bag
    Are you looking for a round rock that is slightly smaller than 6mm to 20mm?
    AU$ 290.00

Customer note: We do not charge GSTand this is confirmed at checkout. Customers outside Australia pay same price as customers inside Australia.       

Wholesale rates: Commercial and Wholesale enquiries are welcome.

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