Plastic Mouldings

Glow paint and glowrocks that glow in the dark. Glow pigment, stair nose edging and glow in the dark tape. Aluminium safety signs include exit signs, fire extinguisher and fire hose reel.

New York City has legislated that all safety signs must be seen in darkness from a minimum of 50 feet?
GLOWROCKS very popular
Our most popular recent seller and we have substantially reduced prices for orders of large quantities. Glow colours are aqua, skyblue and green with clear day colour.

  • 12 Green glow light switch covers CLASSIC FIT
    Environmentally friendly and energy saving. Takes a few minutes of light to be charged and works best in complete darkness.
    Double sided tape inside cover and peel off to stick on light switch.
    AU$ 59.00 EA
    The photo-luminous material becomes activated after a few minutes exposure to light and performs best in complete darkness.
    Double side tape on inside of...
    AU$ 99.00 EA
    New stronger thicker BLUE GLOW seat with glowing power!! Powerful long last anti-microbial polymer which creates ultra fresh, high level of protection against bacteria and micro-organisms. Super stron...
    AU$ 61.00 EA
  • Designed for older light switches. Outside sizes of this fitting is 130mm long x 85mm wide and 15mm deep
    AU$ 6.50
  • CLASSIC style designed for older switches and order here for 4 Classic covers.
    Outside dimensions 130mm long, 85mm wide and 15mm deep.
    Will glow all night for many many years at decreasing rate each...
    AU$ 25.00
  • Glow in the dark FRISBEE (75 grams each)
    Especially designed green FRISBEE that glows green in dark and will fly over 100m.
    Can be used as light source at night. Just takes a few seconds of sunlight or few minutes of artifical light to be f...
    AU$ 24.00 EA
  • Glow tent pegs 250mm x 4
    Very strong and durable green glow tent pegs.
    4 GLOW tent pegs each 250mm long.
    High glow from our new pigment and no chance of tripping over tent pegs in the dark!!
    AU$ 33.00 EA
  • Green glow Light switch covers SPECIAL for 4- 130mm x 85mm
    SLIM FIT Green glow 8.5mm deep x 130mm long x 85mm wide. Includes double sided tape. Inside dimensions 95mm long x 51mm wide.

    Also comes in 15mm deep size (Classic fit) for older style light switch...
    AU$ 12.00 EA
  • Green glowLight switch cover 130mm x 85mm x 8.5mm (deep)
    Slim Fit Light switch glows green in the dark. On back of cover double sided tape to stick cover on switch

    This cover is for thinner modern thin light switches (slim line): 8mm v 15mm CLASSIC Fit f...
    AU$ 4.50 EA
  • Key Tags pack of 4
    Glow Key Tags pack of 4. See keys glow in the dark from your body heat (e.g. while key ring is in pocket) or from a few minutes of light to charge. Key tag will then glow so they can easily be seen wh...
    AU$ 10.00 EA
  • Toilet seat BLUE glow-NEW thicker and stronger glow
    The best blue glow toilet seat is now available. Thicker and more pigment used means stronger seat and better glow. Stainless steel hinges. Lifetime glow guarantee
    Order two and you only pay $14 frei...
    AU$ 51.00 EA
  • Toilet seat Green glow-NEW thicker and stronger. LAST ONE
    Toilet seat Green glow with anti-bacterial polymer coating to kill most bacteria. Read the article in Syd...
    AU$ 70.00 EA
    Out Of Stock
  • Green glow toilet seat with soft close lid
    Just arrived and at over 1.5kgs made from strong anti bacterial polymer. This seat is for someone looking for the best
    AU$ 69.00

Customer note: We do not charge GSTand this is confirmed at checkout. Customers outside Australia pay same price as customers inside Australia.       

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