Dome Marketing and Stair Nosing Installation

Part 1 of this page provides information on stair nosing installation. Part 2 of this page covers Dome Marketing Opportunities. Please note there is relevant MSDS information here


Want to have your driveway glowing at night 

Part 1: About Stair Nosing Installation 




Surfaces to which the stair tread or nosing is to be bonded must be clean, dry and free from grease.  This is achieved by thoroughly cleaning the substrate with “Recochem Premium All Purpose Thinners” and / or Isopropyl Alcohol.


Fixing Method 


The recommended adhesive to be applied is a good contact adhesive following installation directions in resources area of website to see how adhesive should be applied. Please read directions thoroughly before use.

 For surfaces that are porous such as concrete etc, it may be necessary to apply a sealer prior to bonding the stair tread.  Recommended procedure is to cover both the substrate and the nosing with a thin layer of contact adhesive using a brush.


Position one end of the nosing on the step and working from one edge, press firmly together.  Secure bond by running a roller over the surface or else by hammering the surface from the centre outwards to the ends using a padded block.


Clean up excess adhesive with Recochem All-Purpose thinners or mineral turpentine.


To remove extreme scuffing wipe occasionally or as required with low odour kerosene.


Cleaning Advice: 

The Eva Stair Nosing and stair insert products are easily cleaned utilising standard cleaning procedures methods. To remove extreme scuffing the products should be wiped or mopped using odourless Kerosene. Odourless Kerosene will remove any rubber scuffing without scrubbing and without harming the EVA plastic Compound.

Dome Installation marketing to Australian homes and businesses

 How often have you tried to find a house or business street number while driving in your car? Countless homes and businesses have hard to read or no numbering on their frontages. It is a requirement that street numbers be displayed and municipal councils can enforce these provisions when advised. The main selling proposition is that business people will cover the installation cost by making just one extra sale and homeowners can be located quicker in the case of an emergency. The advantage of domes is that they can be seen from a distance and at night the reflective numbers are visible when light is shined on them. The domes are large at 90mm in diameter, guaranteed to last 10 years (unless stolen) and can be glued onto any flat surface.

Part 2.

I am advertising all over Australia to offer anyone who wants to start their businesses in their council area with a small investment. The outlay is $400.00 to purchase one box of mixed reflective domes (approx 150 domes) from myself. In addition you should purchase a plastic basket, a receipt book, prominent nametag, a wire brush, a very good adhesive (liquid nails or a similar strong glue) and a gun to hold the glue. We suggest you consider public liability insurance cover costing approx $850 pa for up to 4 installers. This insurance is sometimes required by councils. You may want to consider some advertising material although I recommend you wait for a few weeks.


Target markets


The target markets to sell reflective dome numbers are homeowners, businesses (retirement homes, staff & visitor car parks etc) and retail shops. The reasons to promote domes are as follows:

1. The larger number size makes it easier to read from a distance

2. Offer a long product life (10 year guarantee) that does not fade over time compared to painted numbers

3. Can be seen at night and daytime to assist ambulance and other service providers


Allocation of areas


Once a person has decided to commence they will be required to sign an Agency Agreement to confirm their understanding of self employed terms and the offer. They will work in a designated local council area. I will discuss the work with council and advise them of the proposal to attach numbers to their curbs etc. and confirm start date.


Setting up and running your business


I recommend selecting a business name and register the name with your State Business Office. Apply to the ATO for an Australian Business Number (ABN). Open a bank account to deposit all your business income and pay your business expenses including purchase of domes, adhesive and car expenses. It is important to separate your private and business expenses to establish the income you have earned from your business. GST should be charged on sales as soon as you expect your gross annual business income to exceed $75,000. You will not need to add 10% GST to your selling prices initially. However when you register for GST your expenses will be 10% cheaper because you will be able to claim the GST paid back from the ATO.


Buying stock

Initially you will receive a mixed box of approx. 150 numbers 0 to 9 plus letters A, B& C at $2.66 each at a total cost of $400.00 You will need to pick up your first delivery from the warehouse and all future orders must be for a minimum of $1000.00 (300 domes of numbers you specify) and qualify for free freight provided domes are sent to red or orange label areas by FASTWAY Couriers (east coast cities, plus Canberra and Adelaide and Tassie cities). If you live outside these areas you will be required to pay a delivery fee of $35.00 per 25kg (approx 300 domes).


Payment for stock.


The initial order and first few orders must be paid for at the time of collection and subsequent orders will be supplied on 30days credit terms after you have completed an application for credit form. You must have a good credit history and the ability to pay for purchases before you will be authorised with a credit limit. Payment must be made direct to our bank account. All payments made outside the normal credit terms will incur a 1.5% surcharge for each and every month or part month overdue. An invoice will be issued for every purchase.


Marketing your business and setting selling prices


I am happy to work with you on any marketing initiatives you propose. As a guide to establishing selling prices I suggest you sell one number for $14 without GST and $15 with GST, two numbers for $16 ($17), and three numbers $18 ($19). After paying your expenses this should return approx $10 for each installation. Assuming you install two orders per hour you should be able to net around $800 for a 40-hour week. Note one installer is simply charging $20 per installation no matter how many domes and finding no price resistance!




It is important that when you approach potential clients that you look tidy and presentable to give your clients confidence that you will perform the work to a high standard. You must carry an identification badge recording details of your business name. Purchase a basket holder (plastic with two lines) for your domes, a wire brush (to scrub the surface you are gluing), a receipt book and a pressure gun for your adhesive.




Each person you approach should be treated with respect and remember you are selling the idea of safety and ease of service providers (ambulance etc) and people to find homes or businesses. Show your client the product (lucky no. 8 for Asian clients) and explain how you will secure it strongly to wherever they want (letterbox, fence, curbing or building) with a strong adhesive. Offer a 6-month replacement guarantee. In your discussion ask your client their house number and show them the number assuming they will buy. Then ask how would they like to pay: by cheque or cash.

If the client finally says no, thank the person for their time and ensure you smile before you walk away. Ask for the name and addresses of friends or neighbours who maybe interested. Remember bad news travels fast and if you leave some unpleasantness the news will quickly spread amongst their friends.

If someone advises they will think about it, try and close the sale then and there. If you still can not make the sale ask for their name and phone so you can ring back in a couple of weeks to make the sale.


Questions and follow up


Please do not hesitate to ring me if you have any questions or wish to make suggestions as how to improve things for other people working in the field.


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