Product Understanding and Performance Levels

Buyers should be aware all glow products have certain limitations and we recommend you read the following to understand how the glow performance operates. Generally the higher the glow pigment loading in each product the stronger the glow and products in absolute darkness give off the strongest glow.  The glow reduces over time and after about 10 hours will need to be recharged. Natural sunlight and strong artificial lights offer the quickest way to recharge. 


In Darkness:


The stored energy begins to decline and slowly reduces its activity.  This causes a luminous glow to occur from its changed state resulting in a light emission of a very low wave length.  The glow can last for up to 12 hours without recharging.


The Effect:


Could best be described as like moonlight.  The light emission will continue until all excitement activity has been released. The light emission because of the short wave length is effective in smoky environments.


Glow products will immediately be recharged with exposure to light and go through the process again and again for many years.


The amount of light absorbed as energy depends on the exposed mass of the active particles. The glow charge will be effective when exposed to light and this increases activity to become more efficient. 


Our products are safe in water. We recommend that you coat water based paint with a clear sealer.


It is Important to Note Limitations at Night or in Darkness:


Glow products will not glow in the presence of ambient light.  Any light source reaching it whatsoever will make it ineffective, but it will immediately glow in darkness.


It is necessary to understand that if our glow products are fully charged they will glow intensively for many minutes and then loose its intensity slowly over the next ten hours. This may result in you not seeing it glow in a dark room if you immediately enter it from sunlight or a well lighted room until your eyes adjust to the change, whereupon you will then see the object return to glowing.


Product Warranty


All glow products are guaranteed to continue to glow for a minimum of 5 years provided they have been used according to the installation guidelines. However it is important to following these guidelines and installation instructions.


Returns Policy


All goods can be returned for refund within 7 days of purchase provided they are returned in good condition, not put on any animals  and proof of purchase is presented at the same time.


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